and again, had so many 4ts, and when came here, dont know what 2 write.
hmmm, lets go back 2 last weekend, had night out, good one, but finished all that with the men in my house, in my bedroom, in my bad... in the morning also found him in my bad, so it wasnt a dream...hmmm. my person thou. like him. but cant understand what he is doing now, or what he is trying to do. he is not texting that ofthen, 2 b honest, he text me 2s, i think, and than nothing from him 4 a week, and 2day recieved a note from him on a facebook...what that??, or he just undersands me so good, what i dont think he does, but who knows...anyway i like when its sth unsertain...
question of the day: shadows from the past are still following me. y????